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This page offers a selection of documents related to my professional life. The contents of these documents are intended for personal and non-commercial use. For the precise conditions of copyright, please contact the originators of the documents directly. For specific ESA publication conditions, please click here.

Why Entrepreneur Sourcing Matters

Why entrepreneur sourcing matters: the effects of entrepreneur sourcing on alternative types of business incubation performance.; by C.J.J. Eldering, J. vd Ende, W. Hulsink, March 2023, in R&D Management, published by RADMA and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Abstract (short)This paper investigates the effects of entrepreneur sourcing on business incubation performance. We distinguish between internal and external sourcing concerning the organisation that sponsors business incubation activities. Both in the literature and incubation practice, the entrepreneur’s trajectory is usually taken for granted. We contribute to research by investigating the effects of entrepreneur sourcing on business incubator performance and by offering an alternate categorisation of these performance outcomes. We characterise four basic types of performance outcomes: learning, earning, returning. and branding. We examined eight cases at two corporate business incubators. Our findings suggest that internally and externally sourced entrepreneurs affect performance outcomes differently. We conclude this study with a tentative conceptual model for future research into incubator design and for managers to align the setup of their incubator programmes to their specific purposes.

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Perspectives on ESA’s Commercialisation Activities

by G. Baldesi, T. Crone, S. Deutsch, C.J.J. Eldering, E. Godard, J. Kamenova, R. Olie, R. Palis, for the 73nd International Astronautical Congress, 2022

Abstract (short): This paper is a concrete action implemented as part of the department’s endeavors to sustain and promote a European pool of “talents”. Building on several Business Projects launched with students from different universities around Europe, this paper analyses challenges and trends on different aspects of the commercialisation of the space sector.

Incubation with Space - Space for Incubation

by C.J.J. Eldering and W. Hulsink, Incubation with space - space for incubation. The creation of an extensive pan-European network of technology-based business incubation centres by the European Space Agency. In: S. Mian, W.Lamine & M. Klofsten (Eds), Handbook of research on business and technology incubation and acceleration: A global perspective. Edward Elgar. ISBN 9781788974776, 2021.

Abstrac (short)t: In this chapter, we explore the history, lessons learned and procurement principles that have shaped the basis of ESA’s incubation approach and its set-up as a framework that can be replicated across Europe and the world. 

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Awareness, Support & Funding - ESA's 3 pillars for technology transfer success

by M. Edwards and C.J.J. Eldering for the 72nd International Astronautical Congress, 2021

Abstract (short)Contained within this paper are the methodologies used by ESA to create a market-led, business centric approach to technology transfer. This is based around the three core pillars of Awareness, Support, and Funding that combine to create an ongoing cycle of successful innovation. This is complemented with a discussion about how better definitions and quantitative metrics for socio-economic impact arising from technology transfer can support policy development and the implementation of the appropriate support tools.

Procuring Innovation through ESA’s network of business incubation centres

by C.J.J. Eldering and W. Hulsink for the 71tst International Astronautical Congress Cyber Edition, 2020

Abstract (short): In this paper, we explore how the procurement principles of the European Space Agency are at the core of its business incubation approach and how this approach stimulated the replication of multiple ESA BICs in Europe.

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Enabling entrepreneurship through space in non-ESA member states

by L. Diaz, C.J.J. Eldering. F.M. Salzgeber for the 70th International Astronautical Congress in Washington (USA), 2019

Abstract (short): In this paper the main characteristics of an ESA BIC in non-ESA member states are explored as well as the different reasons why non-ESA countries would want to implement an ESA BIC. We hope that this will lead to further discussions and valuable insights of how the ESA BIC network can expand and offer its benefits beyond its current borders.
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Turning Technology into Business

by C.J.J. Eldering; Rotterdam School of Management / European Space Agency / CEMS, 2014

Abstract (short): This publication brings you a collection of fifty-six exciting business ideas featuring space technologies for new uses on the terrestrial market. Whether it’s about how recycling technology in human space flight can power the flower auction in Aalsmeer, how 3D imaging from the International Space Station can help crane operators safely maneuver, or how a foldable structure to deploy satellite antennas can aid a booming windmill industry; each business case sparks the imagination and encourages you to take a first step in what valorisation can do for your organisation!
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An Integrated Approach towards Technology Transfer

by L.F. van der Wal, C.J.J. Eldering and N.J. Putten for the 61st International Astronautical Congress in Prague (CZ), 2010

Abstract (short): The paper provides two approaches to space technology transfer in The Netherlands: the Dutch Technology Transfer Programme (DTTP) and the ESA Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) in Noordwijk. Both approaches are successful and, when applied in conjuction, constitute an integrated approach towards technology transfer in general. The paper is supported by case examples from both ESA BIC Noordwijk and the DTTP.
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Entrepreneurship in the Incubation Arena

by C.J.J. Eldering; Rotterdam School of Management / European Space Agency, 2003

Abstract (short): The study carried out in order to evaluate to what extent the high-tech starter is being served by a business incubator. The work was carried out in the context of ESA's technology transfer program. Special attention was given to technology transfer via venture creation, also known as New Technology Based Firms (NTBFs). In order to accelerate the establishing of such an NTBF, business incubators are put into action as facilitator by offering several incubation services/functions. Business incubators are facilities or organisations that facilitate new venture creation by providing its incubated start-up firms access to external expert as well as offering them office space and shared overhead within the incubator's physical premises. A toolbox, named the Incubation Arena, is developed with the purpose to model and build business incubation centers. This tool is characterised by the fact that all actors are interacting and jointly produce innovation, jobs and intellectual property through new venturing and technology transfer.
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Interview Article Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA)

Interview conducted by ACTA (Ms. Anke Brouwer) for their faculty magazine "Factaal" regarding the space to non space relationship with the dentistry industry and my person in the role of technology transfer officer at the European Space Agency.
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ESA Today Special Issue

ESA Today magazine Special Issue on the ESA Technology Transfer Office.
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NVR Spin-Off Special Issue (English)

Special Issue (English version) of the Netherlands Space Society (NVR) on technology transfer in the Netherlands. 
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NVR Spin-Off Special Issue (Dutch)

Special Issue (Dutch version) of the Netherlands Space Society (NVR) on technology transfer in the Netherlands. 
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Down to Earth Vol. 3

Case examples from the ESA Technology Transfer Programme (Volume 3).
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Down to Earth Vol. 2

Case examples from the ESA Technology Transfer Programme (Volume 2).
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Down to Earth Vol. 1

Case examples from the ESA Technology Transfer Programme (Volume 1).
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More Publications

Access to brochures and booklets related to ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Office and the ESA Business Incubation Centres. Also featuring an online version of "Down to Earth - How space technology improves our daily life".
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Video Clips

Two very informative short video clips; one give an introduction to to ESTEC, ESA's Space Research and Technology Centre in Noordwijk the Netherlands, the other provides a general overview of technology transfer and application of space technology and infrastructure (in Dutch).

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